Health & Safety

‘Safety First in Everything We Do’ is how we approach our business. This ethos has led us to achieve a level of safety standard that is industry leading and world class. Our Integrated Management System ensures compliance to international Standards ISO 22000, 14001, 9001 and OHSAS 18001. Starting from the ground up with our teams ensures the foundations are strong to deliver a safe workplace for all. From the moment our teams enter the country, to the work they complete and even their lives in their accommodations, safety is the very first thing on all our minds. We continuously train and monitor the safety aspects of each individual environment to ensure the processes and procedures in place are correct and fit for purpose, meaning you can be sure your workforce are in safe hands.

Our Incident Management Centre is manned 24 hours per day to take updates from any employee regarding an incident or near miss that may occur. This enables us to have clear, in the moment visibility, to ensure the correct action to be taken. The system is designed in such a way, that should the incident be of a serious nature, our CEO can be informed in less than 15 minutes of the incident being reported to oversee and lead any action required.

At ADNH Compass, we use the Compass Service Framework. This framework takes sharing best practice to the next level. We use a set of operating procedures that have been compiled globally and use them locally. These combine all our learnings across each of the services we provide, generating the best process to follow to complete a task safely whilst achieving the best result. This gives us the ability to provide best in class services in every area.

The company has invested in an Occupational Health Service composed of 2 doctors and 5 registered nurses to focus on staff welfare and care. The OHS team assists staff who need medical attention, coordinates resources from the company and the health care providers to meet the staff’s medical needs, provides after-care to recuperating staff until they are fit to work, and evaluates staff fitness for work.