Local Brands

To offer our clients with innovative solutions, we offer a wide range of local and global brands to choose from..

Deli Marche

Designed in a modular format, DeliMarche will fit most locations; it provides pastries that can be baked in front of the customers’ eyes and coffee served barista style. From lattes to hot chocolate, and paninis to danish pastries, DeliMarche offers something for everyone, at any time of the day. The flexibility of the brands allows us to ‘bolt on’ additions such as hot food options and a range of delicious snack and salad items.


A range of retail items designed specifically for ‘grab and go’, amigo offers hot and cold drinks, confectionary, sandwiches, newspapers and toiletries.


For those looking to provide a taste of the high street, our partnership with Starbucks lets us combine the look, feel and flavours of the Starbucks you know with the service and business catering experience we know.

Global Kitchen

Our award-winning culinary teams produce enticing menus with innovation, care and simplicity. Global Kitchen offers a tantalising selection of authentic dishes from all four corners of the world and is flexible to be incorporated to suit a corporate or remote type dining or restaurant environment.

Village Life

The ‘Village Life’ concept is very simple and is built on the solid foundation of respect for our employees and those of our client. Our aim is to build a community by providing a ‘home from home’ experience that stretches across all the services provided.

SO Deli

Inspired by the delicatessens of the Mediterranean, SO Deli offers quality meals and a range of healthy ‘grab and go’ snacks.

Spice of Life

Our contemporary food service brand designed to give customers the choice and quality they expect to find on the high street. The Spice of Life restaurant caters for all your staff and visitors’ needs by providing a wide range of quality hot meals, as well as hot snacks, sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts.

Goodness Me

This proposition provides a healthy option whilst giving the customer freedom to choose how they wish to build their meal.