With a focus to encourage responsible and sustainable practices in our supply chain, ADNH Compass is proud to lead the foodservice industry with groundbreaking green initiatives in:

Biofuel Creation

β€œAt ADNH Compass we believe that producing biodiesel fuels from waste cooking oil is a more sustainable disposal method. Biodiesel made from waste cooking oils is a low carbon fuel, and through our local partnership our initiative will not only support carbon reduction, but also demonstrate sustainable waste management.”

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Using a third party logistics provider, in particular, intelligent routing technologies, can optimize distribution networks and consolidate routes, thereby reducing congestion, environmental pollution and help to reduce local emissions.

Farm to Fork

Our dedication to local sourcing supports the local UAE economy – which is actually home to some 40,000 small-scale farms. It also helps to limit transport distances thereby limiting overall food wastage due to shorter delivery times. Plus, less time from plough to plate means more vitamins and nutrients to our clients.

Sustainable Fishing

Overfishing is the practice of catching more fish than the oceans can handle, which in turn causes fish depletion. ADNH Compass strives to provide sustainable listed local fish as alternatives to those that are overfished, therefore, helping to ensure local fish populations for generations to come.

The Trim Trax program is designed to minimize food waste during the production process. Team members are asked to place all food trimmings into marked containers. Such trimmings often include edible food trimmings that are mistakenly cut away. By collecting all waste and measuring the total, management can monitor how much edible food is being wasted. The program allows for continuous feedback and serves as a great educational tool for all involved.